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When Love & Health Become a Commons

on Fri, 11/18/2011 - 11:16

People dont care how much you know unless they know how much you care about them

The primary things healers do is  dealing with an attitude. It is not about us all becoming healers but to pay attention to what people neglected to pay attention to and which got us into a crisis.   

What I am seeing is a web of friendships , the whole of society will be based on webs of friendships. There will be nobody outside of it except some sociopaths or criminals who choose to be outside. The new norm will be not just that everyone will have a friend but a web of friendships where a friendship in a deep sense will infuse all relationships amongst humans. When there is no ego or power, there is no reason why a friendships shouldn’t connect everyone,  to connect with friends in a deeper way and then connect with the rest of the world.

In that context the attention to each others health will move out from the medical and become part of everybody’s life. The caring about each other will be generalised and love translates into caring for each other.

My body and health is not my private possession but a commons. This means that in a commons based society the wellbeing including the vibrant health of everybody is a matter of main concern of everybody else in my web of friendships.

Calling my attention to things I need to be aware of is then not just the job of my close family and friends but it will be the case of everybody for each other. There will be a much wider context to what        I have access to  through all my friendships. The wellbeing for the individual is the goal of the whole. And the individual will see their own wellbeing as part of the wellbeing of the whole. We embody this through love and attention to each other. We expand our relationship between us to the rest of the world by the intermediary of the commons.

The whole fabric of society needs to be woven to beyond ego. We need to model something that anybody can make part of their life style. Of how to  be caring for oneself and for one another. A key point is that in the conditions of modern life one person is not enough to be fully responsible for one self. That requires Commons.  That is why the Commons is not a phantasy but there is the requirement of life itself to move forward. 

It requires re-training of our senses and our vision of how we experience and see things. 

Unless the Commons is in our guts, we are in danger of coming across as a new ideology or a new philosophy. 

The source document is our philosophy but we also need the gut type experience. Social movements have to be grounded in the politics of the body where the body becomes social. Once ill health is caused mostly by social factors then healing has to be social also.

Another part of the meaning is related to the division of labour and expertise.  As individuals we are  born in a world of division of  expertise. The health commons could be a commons of health practitioners, a platform where experts come together to share and collaborate as a community that works in service of the Whole. 

I would even go further and say health will be held in every commons not only the health commons. Through that perspective the major challenge of a health commons is helping health become part of the connective  tissue in every commons. It requires a shift in - the same shift as realising like my wellbeing is dependent on everyone. It is realising that we are all connected and not isolated atoms. Some people realise things at a cognitive level first. As understanding deepens it drops from the mind to the heart. I realise that it is my love and caring, a deeply felt reality that drives my thinking. The thinking emerges from the inner attitude. it cant be taught like math or other subjects. Commons educators will be effective only if they embody it in their attitude to each other and to the rest of the world. That shift needs to be in the centre of our attitude in the SoC. In this way it becomes transformational when we do this shift ourselves. 

The truth of what we are saying will not be only in our words but in our energy. 

Something much larger than me comes through this individual with limited personal expression. Pre-assessing of how it will be in a world where we all care for each other. It is the love that manifests as attention which enables the coming forth of pre-sensed reality of the future. Even love is not personal but is also a commons.