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Starting points

on Mon, 11/29/2010 - 19:32

Some suggestions of where to start as you learn about the commons

If you are new to the whole idea of the commons and what it might mean for you, then this Orientation forum is the best place to start finding out about it.

The amount of information about the commons is growing very rapidly. We are only now, slowly, beginning to find ways to organize all this information into any recognizable 'body of knowledge' about the commons. So, you might find yourself getting easily lost in the beginning.

There are two sets of starting points that can help you orienting your commons learning journey:

You will find a thematically organized list of starting points on the Your Questions page. If yours is actually not there, please post it here as a comment to this topic.

Another set of starting points, organized by the type of resources that you can find on this site, is listed below.

Choose the medium that works best for you. Click on a link below to find resources in any particular category.

- reading articles about the commons

- watching videos,

- listening to podcasts

- following written conversations others have had about the commons

- taking an online course about the commons with learning facilitators 

Some advice when starting on your learning journey 

- Take your time. There's much to discover and the wealth of knowledge available here is yours, patiently waiting for each of your return to the site. 

- Accept that some of the ideas and concepts used to talk about the commons might be new and unfamiliar to you. 

- Try not getting put off by the large collection of materials. Just choose a few resources that seem the most interesting and start with those. The connections between different bits of information will start to become clearer as you proceed.

- Feel free to post questions and your ideas on this forum. Being in conversation with others can be a good way to increase the depth of your understanding.

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