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Social Learning Design - Workspace

on Sat, 10/30/2010 - 15:24

This is the workspace where we will co-design the curriculum for the social learning course on

Learning Together about and for the Commons


For more details about social learning including past announcements of previously run courses and videos please visit the social learning page here





George Pór's picture


OK, I'm ready to go first and use this space to describe what I would like to learn, which would make a big difference in how I work for a commons-based society. My area of contribution is raising the collective intelligence and such capabilities of the commons field of social practice as collective sensing, common policy platform development and other collective capabilities.

What would help me further that work is getting a more complete picture of:

  • who are all the commoners and groups involved with commons-related strategy formulation beyond the scope of only one commons
  • what is the current state of the relationship between commons theories and practices on the ground

Those are bigger questions that I can do justice to alone, given that I do my commons work in the spare moments of my "day job." I hope that our collective effort in the social learning course will shed some light on those issues.