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SoC Team

on Sat, 09/03/2011 - 14:16

Welcome to people at the heart of the School!

We're eager to learn how we can

support you to build better commons.


Anna Betz — commons healer  

follow on Twitter: @Create_Together

My 30 years of experience working in the public and private sector in health and social care, together with my passion for creating a better world, drew me to the commons movement, where individual, communal, organisational, and social evolution meet.  My expertise together with my passion for building sustainable communities, inspire me to discover and co-create with other commoners the 'commons of health and  wellbeing'. I am workshop leader of Living Medicine.

Mark Jagdev - health and wellbeing facilitator 

follow on Twitter: @evolvecities

My work involves facilitation in the areas of health and design and training/coaching in the areas of fitness and nutrition. I aim to bring a peer based commons perspective to both training and facilitation, while integrating health, wellbeing and design. I am currently involved with the Evolve Cities Project and the Health Commons Hub at the School.



George Por - vision holder, campaign architect

follow on Twitter: @Technoshaman

I'm an evolutionary thinker, mentor, and strategic learning partner  to changemakers and visionary leaders in civil society, business, and government. I'm a Fellow of Future Considerations and the founder of CommunityIntelligence. At the School, I pursue my passion to make waves for increasing Commons literacy, everywhere, fast. I do that by holding the Vision for the highest potential of what the Commons Economy Rising can become, and holding space for getting there.


Connor Turland — youth ambassador, technical wizard

follow on Twitter: @Connoropolous

If I had to put my life in one sentence, I've recently thought it would be: 'to craft a workable and thriving culture within and without myself.' I'm 20 years old living in Waterloo, Ontario in an intentional household focused on learning how to live generatively and co-response-ably together. I also work at a small and quirky web design firm, and study Knowledge Integration at the University of Waterloo. My commitment to my future self is to be a commons learning facilitator (not teacher) and so participating in the School of Commoning today will be an important step along my journey towards that. I will be convening regular open meetups in Waterloo to learn together about what is meant by a commons-based economy. I'm usually happy when I'm doing any kind of technical wizardry, especially when it's in support of generative initiatives.