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SoC Advisory Board

on Sat, 09/03/2011 - 14:17

The Board is in the process of convening itself. Watch for an announcement in October.

Confirmed Advisors include:



James Quilligan

James Quilligan has been an analyst and administra tor in the field of international development since 1975. He has served as policy advisor and writer for many international politicians and leaders, including Pierre Trudeau, François Mitterrand, Edward Heath, Julius Nyerere, Lopez Portillo, Olof Palme, Willy Brandt, and Jimmy Carter.

He has been an economic consultant for government agencies in 26 countries, including the United States. He has also served as an advisor for several United Nations programs and international development organizations. > extended profile here


Leo Burke

Leo Burke is Professor and Director of the Global Commons Initiative at the Mendoza College of Business, the University of Notre Dame. In this capacity he teaches courses on the commons to undergraduates, MBAs and Executive MBAs. From December 2000 through June 2008, he served as Associate Dean and Director of Executive Education. Prior to joining Notre Dame, Burke served in a variety of roles at Motorola, Inc., including Director and Dean of the College of Leadership and Transcultural Studies within Motorola University. He was a founding member of philosopher Ken Wilber's Integral Institute. > extended profile here


Michel Bauwens

Michel Bauwens is an active writer, researcher and conference speaker on the subject of technology, culture and business innovation. He is the founder of the Foundation for Peer-to-Peer Alternatives and works in collaboration with a global group of researchers in the exploration of peer production, governance, and property. He has been an analyst for the United States Information Agency, knowledge manager for British Petroleum, eBusiness Strategy Manager for Belgacom, as well as an internet entrepreneur in his home country of Belgium. He has co-produced the 3-hour TV documentary Technocalyps with Frank Theys, and co-edited the two-volume book on anthropology of digital society with Salvino Salvaggio. Michel is currently Primavera Research Fellow at the University of Amsterdam and external expert at the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (2008). Michel currently lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand, assisting Richard Hames with the development of the Asian Foresight Institute. In Thailand, he has taught at Payap University, CMU, and Dhurakij Pandit University's International College. He is a founding member of the Commons Strategies Group. > extended profile here