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Past Events

Meetings with Remarkable Commoners: Michel Bauwens - 14th May 2011.

Democratic Mobilisations, the Commons and Communities - 24th June 2011.

Isaac Boro, memorial weekend - 27th August 2011.

Meet James Quilligan, theorist/activist, policy analyst - 27th September 2011.

Introduction to P2P and the Commons as the new Paradigm of Change - 10th December 2011.

Transcending State and Corporations: Introduction to Peer-to-Peer and the Commons - 10th December 2011.

Creating and Sustaining Urban-Spaces for the People, by the People - 11th December 2011.

The River Commons: Exhibition showcasing the River Commons project - 3rd March 2012.

The May 2012 Seminars - 7th May - 18th May 2012

SoC Invited by European Alternatives: New Forms of Political Participation - 19th May 2012.

SoC Invited by Schumacher North: Workshops on the Commons - 29th June to 1st July 2012.

Commons Rising Events

Quilligan Seminars October 2012

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