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Overview of October 2012 seminars

A series of 5 inter-related events in 5 days: Here you can find an overview and see how they are all interrelated.

The seminars of 22 - 26 October 2012 - will be led by James B. Quilligan.

For 22nd and 26th October please note: The Grimond Room, Portcullis House is on the other side of the road from Big Ben [it's above Westminster tube station]. The entrance is on the river side just 10 yards down Victoria Embankment. The meeting is sponsored by Michael Meacher MP.  Allow 20 minutes to be sifted through security.








22nd Oct.


Martin Large

Booking online:    

no charge

 Donations      welcome to cover  moderator      expenses

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Reclaiming the Commons:

Why, What and How?

This session will show the why, what and how of securing common pool resources such as capital and land into trusteeship bodies such as the Great Lakes Bioregional Trust, community land, property and capital trusts-for enduring community benefit and enterprise.

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Grimond Room, Portcullis House 

SW1A2LW London


23rd Oct.




Anna Betz     

Presenters:  Henk Hadders       J.Mackenzie     John Ashcroft      Prof.David Peters               Alex Laird

Booking online:                                 £ 30    Eventbrite 

Co-creating the Commons of Health and how together we can make it work

We will be exploring the commons framework and how it is a useful model for sutainable healthcare. How it provides a pratical and startegically important way to empower civil society to take an active part in the design and delivery of sustainable healthcare.

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Indian YMCA

41 Fitzroy Square London W1T 6AQ


24th Oct

9am - 4:30pm

John Lipitz

Peter Challen

organised on behalf of CEJ

£ 20    

(concession £ 15)

Tickets at:


Establishing an Economic System that protects the Commons

The aim of the seminar is to produce practical policy outcomes under the three area: Taxation, Financial Services and Banking; and Money supply and Interest rates.

Implementation of these outcomes should provide real progress towards achieving n economy that serves society for the common good.

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School of Economic Science

11-13 Mandeville Place

London W1U 3AJ



25th Oct.

1:15 for 1:45 - 5:30pm

followed by opitonal dinner for networking

Esther Ridsdale

Dr.Claudius Van Wyk

£20 -65   Eventbrite

Accountability: Why we have lost it and how  we can recover it

This highly interactive workshop will explore how to rebuild accountability making a difference in our own organisations, communities and personal lives.

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Central London tba


26th Oct.


Sponsored by

Michael Meacher MP & Lord Andrew Phillips


Tickets via Eventbrite

no charge       Donations welcome to cover moderator expenses

An attempt to build and Alliance/Nexus as a movement of individuals & organisations seeking to end  the modern-day slavery caused by the culture of greed and the damage it does to others, ourselves and the planet.

In the 1st hour, four speakers, each with succinct introductions:

James Quilligan will set the Global Scene.
Paul Moore will outline the proposal for the New Wilberforce Alliance and its early momentum.
Charles Secrett will speak of his experience in challenging and effecting the need for deep changes in the structures of our society; and Frank Taylor will relate the Purton Declaration and the Runnymede Project to the task before us.

In the 2nd hour all participants will have opportunity to steer the process  towards the next steps in building a movement capable of public clamour. 

Grimond Room, Portcullis House 
Westminster SW1A2LW London

The five Quilligan Seminars Oct 22-26th are in synergy with the Greco and Harrison events below.

They all deal with  the currency of life and the understanding of gift in relation  to the preventing of new enclosures and the protection of the commons.

October 27-28. Conferences on Moneyand Alternative Currencies with Thomas Greco, (being planned by Mary Fee of LETSlinkUK, )  Details at this stage from "Mary Fee" <>,  

28th  Book Launch of Fred Harrison’s ‘The Traumatised Society’ St James, Piccadilly 3-5pm. Details at this stage from

Note also for 26th and 27th two events with a linked theme of the commons:  A ground-breaking conference on themes of global change -

Non-stop Turmoil or Global Spring?  Friday 26th October 2012. Open lecture 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm  ‘Non-stop Turmoil or Global Spring?:

Changing Values for the 21st Century’  Entry : £5 

& Saturday 27th October 2012   Day conference  10.00 am – 4.00 pm : £10 ; including vegetarian lunch  at St. Margaret’s Church  LeeTerrace SE15 5EA

FURTHER INFORMATION : Alan Race  020 8318 9643

Are religious and spiritual values under threat in a rapidly changing world? Are our values evolving for the better?  How can the religions cooperate in shaping the future?  Speakers will address these main themes and involve participants in workshop reflections.

JIM KENNEY ,  Founder and Director of the interreligious adult study centre Common Ground, near Chicago, and was formerly the International Director for the Parliament of the World’s Religions.  He master-minded the ground-breaking gatherings of the Parliament in Chicago (1993)

and Cape Town (1999), both events attracting thousands of people.

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