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"A commoner requires an ongoing, lifelong education in the commons. The commons is a classical education in itself-- in bringing together all the pieces, in seeing how they fit together, how they fit in. A commons education helps people find their place in the commons, as well as their pathway, their career(s), their vocation." Source: What is the Meaning of Being a Commoner


E-Learning Courses

The global commons movement is on the verge of rapid expansion. There are many citizens already engaged in commons-related activities who are beginning to recognize their shared identity as commoners. Essential to this process is education. Education provides a framework for understanding both historical and contemporary commons issues. More importantly, it offers a methodology within which commoners can reframe their context.

An increasingly popular mode of education is e-learning. E-learning offers a variety of hybrid formats including synchronous and asynchronous, self-paced and instructor-led, content-rich and process-rich. The Commons Learnnig Alliance web platform will be a key global resource for a variety of e-learning courses and formats. Read more...


Social Learning Courses

Human civilization is going through a meta-system transition. To make sense out of our Emerging Planetary Reality and learn co-creating with it, we need to grow new capabilities, individual and collectives.

Co-incidentally, systems and methods of open education and social learning bring new ways to meet our interests and needs. Read more...


Social Learning Videos

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