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Interesting view on the role of the educator in the digital age - Stephen Downes

on Fri, 12/03/2010 - 19:49

This recently published talk (slide-show + text) by Stephen Downes might be a useful reference document for our hosting team as we learn how to distinguish the different roles we need to play in providing eduction on the commons.

Link for slide-show

Text of talk

Perhaps we can start to make up a sort of 'matrix' for the hosting team that lists which of the 23 roles Stephen Downes identifies we each could attempt to fulfill?

Here is a list of the proposed roles:

The Learner

The Collector

The Curator

The Alchemist

The Programmer

The Salesperson

The Convener

The Coordinator

The Designer

The Coach

The Agitator

The Facilitator

Tech Support

The Moderator

The Critic

The Lecturer

The Demonstrator

The Mentor

The Connector

The Theorizer

The Sharer

The Evaluator

The Bureaucrat

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