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Health Commons Resources

on Tue, 06/05/2012 - 18:57

1.  The Health Commons and Care of New Mexico's Uninsured    A seamless system of social, behavioral, and medical services for the uninsured was created to address the social determinants of disease, reduce health disparities, and foster local economic development in 2 inner-city neighborhoods and 2 rural counties in New Mexico.

2.  A Health Commons using p2p approach

3.   Reliable Prosperity: The health of people and the ecosystems upon which they depend is inextricably linked.


4.   Global Health Commons

5.  Treating Healthcare as a Commons

6.   Integrative Medicine insights: Integral Healthcare: The Benefits and Challenges of Integrating Complementary and Alternative Medicine with a Conventional Healthcare Practice  Integral Healthcare

7.    Health Commons: Treating Love and Health as a Commons

8.    People powered Health – when Health becomes a Commons

9.  People Powered Health is a programme from NESTA, working with the Innovation Unit, to support the design and delivery of innovative  

     services for people that are living with long term health conditions

  • Recognising people as assets
  • Building on people's capabilities
  • Promoting mutuality and reciprocity
  • Developing peer support networks  
  • Breaking down barriers between professionals and users
  • Facilitating rather than delivering


10.   Health Commons at Dar Ul-Quba in the US. A drop-in centre dedicated to local residents with a focus on healthy individuals and comunity. Services are free of charge and open to everyone. Connects health and hope for participants.


11. ReThink Health Action

       Health Commons Talking Points


              check out this presentation - Fannie E. Rippel Foundation