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Evolving our inclusion criteria

on Mon, 12/05/2011 - 16:26

Here's our current set of inclusion criteria

  1. Vital to the evolution of the Movement and its capacity to meet challenges and opportunities of increasing scale. That criteria especially includes content related to enhancing capacity to deal with the complexity of larger issues and building coalition with other like-minded movements.
  2. Presenting new solutions to pressing problems facing humanity.
  3. References to the commons, reclaiming the commons, commons-based peer-production, commons-based economy, etc.
  4. Raising public awareness about the significance and strategic options of the structural changes that society is going through, with fresh perspectives.
  5. Structural level contribution to issues and connecting them to the bigger picture.
  6. Significant advances in the Movement’s participation/democratic potential, where significance = having potential to change reality.
  7. As every culture creates Art, Music, Poetry and Stories FoO should provide a space for the best of such emerging creativity.

Let's use this conversation for updating our criteria if need be and assessing specific contentious suggestions for inclusion whether they meet one of our criteria.

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Group visibility: 
Private - accessible only to group members