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Emergence of a Commons-based Economy - Video footage & Debategraph of Quilligan Seminars

The series of twelve inter-related seminars presented by James B.Quilligan - Raw film footage

Debategraph of Quilligan Seminars


1. Democratising the Global Political Commons  - SIMPOL

Seminar 1 playlist:

2. Political Economy and the Inclusive Commons  - House of Commons

Seminar 2 playlist:

3. Restoring the Commons or Terminal Decline  - Fiscal Reform & Nature and Society

Seminar 3 playlist:

4. Financial Innovation and the Commons  - Finance Lab

Seminar 4 playlist:

5. Property Value and the Commons  - Henry George Foundation

Seminar 5 playlist:

6. The Crowd and the Commons  - Westminster Hub

Seminar 6 playlist:

7. Covenant, Stewardship and the Inclusive Commons  - St.James Piccadilly

Semianr 7 playlist:

8. The Great Transition and the Commons - NEF

Seminar 8 playlist:

9. Organisational Practice and the CommonsCivil Society Forum, Working in Trust, GAIA network

Seminar 9 playlist:

10. The Commons and the New Era Economics - Synthesis, IPPR

Seminar 10 playlist:

12. Convergence for a Commons-based Economy - School of Commoning and CCMJ

Seminar 12 playlist:








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