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Community Knowledge Garden

Imagine lush vegetation alternating with well-kept clearings that have benches, shades, and a web of garden paths connecting them all. The paths are well-indexed and lead to knowledge domains of interest to the visitors, domains that can be navigated by multiple methods to match their learning styles. Well, that's the idea and we are not there yet; in fact, we are just putting the first seeds in the ground. 
"Knowledge garden" is a metaphor for a dynamic and living system of information, ideas, and inspiration that interact, cross-fertilize, feed and grow on each other. It is a public service of the School of Commoning and a part of the global knowledge commons, which is seeded with thought-provoking articles, interviews, research papers, etc. Depending on how much attention those seeds will receive from you and other users and members, some of them may turn into fast-growing, robust plants, others will not. Welcome to our participatory collective intelligence!
You will find here:
Your Questions, are fundamental to the underlying learner lead pedagogy at the School of Commoning. The questions that come up in our online and offline spaces act as seeds for further growth of the knowledge garden.
Commons Movement Sense-Making, a collection of documents reflecting on the strategy and evolution of the commons movement
Introduction to the Commons
The Enclosure of the Commons
The Big Picture & General Aspects of the Commons
A New Vision of the Commons (materials from the Commons course given by Leo Burke in 2011)
Toward a Commons-based Society - food for thought and action about about the transition to a new society
Political Economy of the Commons - studying the production, access to, and protection of common goods and their relationship with law and governance
Digital Commons - studying the inter-related issues of governance, social organization and ethics, economics and production in the digital world to aid the transtion to commons based value creation and sustainability. 
Rebuilding our Beloved Commons
Emergence of a Commons-Based Economy
              A series of twelve inter-related seminars presented by James B. Quilligan, London, 7-18  May 2012
Specific Knowledge Garden sections
Commons of Health and Well-being - studying participatory health care.
Urban-Space Commons (coming soon) studying the participatory design and planning of our urban-spaces - as commons - from the local level to city-wide. 
Library - add files that you feel are of importance to the website as a whole. Accepted formats are: txt doc xls pdf ppt pps odt ods odp. For images, audio and videos please add them to the relevant multimedia galleries below.
Multimedia (Video & Photo) Galleries - containing a variety of galleries relating to the areas of commons explored in the learning section: Commons in Our Life. Accepted formats for our galleries are: jpg jpeg gif png mp3 mov m4v mp4 mpeg avi ogg wmv ico
Resources & Tools
Commons Glossary - of key terms

What you can do in the Knowledge Garden

Stay up to date about the emergent issues and trends in the commons movement, with timely email notifications and/or RSS feeds about subscribed subjects of interest to you and your commons.

Browse, search, and navigate the ever expanding content of the Knowledge Garden, to discover items of interest.

Comment on documents to enhance their usefulness for others.

Co-author and co-edit documents with other commoners in the workspaces (also featured on the main menu of the site).

Add Files to the Library section if you feel the file is of importance to the website as a whole.

Blaze new pathways to knowledge, by creating new pages with your selection of links.

Join the team of knowledge gardeners for supporting the development of this patch of the global knowledge commons. If interested, let us know.

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