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Commons Movement Sense-Making

on Sun, 12/19/2010 - 16:10

The International Commons Conference in Berlin, organized by Commons Strategies Group and hosted by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Oct 31 -  Nov 2, 2010, attracted 180 commoners around the world. We conversed, we shared food and music, we argued, we swapped stories, we networked, we learned, we dreamt new initiatives and to sum it up, we commoned.

As Michel Bauwens said, "The various constituent movements related to the commons met for the first time, entered in a serious dialogue and recognized the need for joint policy frameworks about the global commons. The wish to continue this conversation and constitute a intermeshed global movement was palpable."
Berlin left many of us with a strong feeling that we made a step towards a potentially game-changing social movement becoming conscious of itself. The reflections coming from many commoners during and since Berlin, demonstrate a depth of thinking, sensing and reflecting, which calls us to mirror, to feedback what we are hearing, to share what fascinates us about what is happening.  
That's what we intend to facilitate with Movement Sense-Making section of the Knowledge Garden. Here you will find, initially: