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Commons Convergence Technologies

on Sun, 04/29/2012 - 10:21
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Big thank you, Connor, for setting this up!

Drupal is one of the most sophisticated, if not the most sophisticated, open source collaboration platform. It's feature-rich and complex that makes it not easy to master.

Let's use this thread to explore how we cna make the best use of it, then share our discoveries with a commoners gathering on this site. 

What are y/our questions, the answer to which would make the use of this platform more triple-E (more Effective, Efficient, and Enjoyable)?

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One of the nice features of Drupal is that we can set-up as many groups for users who want to explore a specific issue in-depth, as needed. "Organic Groups," as Drupal calls this tool, fractally inheritsuch feature of the platform as forums, blogs, and book pages (wikis).

Conversations in Drupal are organized the following nested containers (listed from larger to smaller):

categories -> forums -> topics -> replies

Out of that 4 layers, inside an Organic Group, it seems that we have only the last two. So we can have many topics, but they all belong to the only forum that the group can have. Is that so? 

Or is it more like that we cna have only topic and everything we post in the conversation is a reply to that one?


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It seems that this post here appears as a reply to the Commons Convergence Technologies topic that is part of the Collaboration for Commons Education forum.

It means that our private topic shows up in the topic list of the public forum. Is our topic visible to me only because I'm a member of this group or is it visible to all users?


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I agree George, we should make this as 3E as possible. What I find difficult usually in collaborative platforms at the onset is that the stuff is hard to find: new messages, new content. How can we reduce the navigation and have the 'new' pop up when we open?

Also it would be interesting to see how we combine the use of this group here and the hackpad:

Last, I met with Samer Hassan today. Nice contact. We will be keeping in touch as the philosophy is quite aligned and the software developped seems to have potential. Especially the app that needs to be developed to another level.

For the moment I was wondering if we could test for collaboration as it has blog, wiki, calendar, tasks, lists, chatsroom, forum etc and also maps, mindmap, video. Maybe Connor you could take a look?