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The Commoning Cafe

Visit us in London at our weekly Commoning Cafes

The School of Commoning has launched the Commoning Cafe, a weekly gathering where anyone who is curious about the Commons is welcome. If you wonder about how collective action of diverse groups could contribute to social transformation, how co-production of things we care about can be protected from being taken over by private interest, come and find out how value exists and can be co-created outside the market economy.

If any of that interests you, or you have other commons-related questions to explore, then join us in the conversation at the Commoning Café. You are encouraged to bring your burning questions about the world you would like to live in and how we can get there together. To welcome early arrivers, at least one of the team will be there, with a School of Commoning Events Meetup sign from 6.00 pm. If you're running a little late, don't worry! We will be ready to warmly welcome you when you do arrive and help you to feel your way into the conversation. For more information about what we cover in the meetup please visit our meetup page: and...

Visit our Online Forum
join our online forum to engage with others both before and after the meetup itself. If you are new to the online cafe make your way over to the welcome lounge and introduce yourself, there is always a school facilitator to welcome you and assist you getting the most out of your visits to the school. There will be a number of discussions that have either taken place in the past or more recent ones, please contribute to the knowledge commons we steward by building on the conversation that attracts you the most and start chatting away at our online cafe!
The Commoning Cafe Cyclic Process acts as a spiral for our continual broad learning: The first five weeks of a six week cycle will see a weekly commoning cafe at the Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank, London. On the sixth week we host the Saturday Commoning Cafe - Game Play Afternoon at the Pimlico Academy. The harvest of each event feeding in and adding value to the next.
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