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The background and purpose of the CEJ conference on Economics on 24th October 2012 and what it hopes to achieve

 The aim of the conference is to produce practical policy outcomes under the three areas: taxation; financial services and banking; and money supply and interest rates.  Implementation of these outcomes should provide real progress towards achieving an economy that serves society for the common good. 

The Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ) has based this conference on the reality that society in Britain and elsewhere exists within a dysfunctional economic system that does not serve the interests of the population as a whole and also degrades the environment.    The taxation system represses production, reduces much needed revenue by allowing avoidance and evasion of taxes, is dangerously unequal in its effects  and is not based on the principles of taxation laid down by Ricardo and Adam Smith.   It is recognised that the banking and financial services sector lacks regulation and does not separate retail banking from its investment or casino arm, resulting in it not servicing the needs of individuals and business.  Money supply is controlled by private banks and the issue of interest is not addressed.

The CEJ understands that the re-establishment of a commons based society and that land ownership without returning to society the economic rent for using this gift of nature are both of fundamental importance.  The CEJ therefore considers that removing these economic problems needs to be tackled through the current political system.  Hence this conference seeks to produce potential solutions to the economic problems society faces.  As a result, the three break-out sessions on these key areas of the economy are designed, with brief information provided in advance together with short presentations, to enable the groups to work through the issues and come up with practical solutions to the problems. With James Quilligan setting the scene and providing a careful summing up it is planned to have a set of policies which can be put forward at a later date.  For this purpose there will be a conference report produced for wide circulation.


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